Embark on Kindermusik’s fun new exploration of singing, swaying, laughing, and playing through Cuddle & Bounce, a just-right mix of early-childhood vocal play and language development, together time, and music and movement activities! Cuddle & Bounce classes offer monthly enrollment and a year’s worth of exciting 4-week sessions, each with its own baby-friendly theme. Bring the learning home with our helpful Kindermusik@Home website, which gives you anywhere-access to music, stories, developmentally appropriate activities, useful parenting information, and more.

Is your baby less than four months old?

Then we are so glad that have found us! Our Cuddle and Bounce class is made for tiny babies by including massage, exercise, rocking, and bonding activities. We also know how hard it can be to figure out your little one's schedule, so we want to offer you our Welcome to the World package. Use code NEWBABY when registering to receive a 60% discount until four months old AND unlimited classes for the first year of life!


My daughter, Emmeline, loves listening to her Kindermusik CD and looking at books. This is her "quiet time. "

— Melody Hunter

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Classes-Ages Birth to 1

You already know that music is one of your baby’s favorite things, but did you know that it’s also one of the best things for his developing mind? In baby class you’ll get to babble, hum, and dance together–all key ingredients in your baby’s development of early social skills.

​​In Cuddle & Bounce, a joyful first Kindermusik experience, you and your baby can engage in instrument play, dance, exploration time, and together time. These 45-minute classes strengthen critically important early parent-child bonds, and give you the opportunity to learn about your baby’s early development, fine-tune your baby-communication skills, and receive expert advice and parenting resources based on the most recent child development research.