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“I appreciate everything you and Kindermusik have done for our family. It  not only provided a safe environment for my kids to come, learn, and have fun, but also allowed me the opportunity to meet wonderful, amazing moms—many of which I still have great friendships with. You do a wonderful service to not only the city of Killeen, but also to my fellow army wives. It is so hard uprooting yourself and trying to meet new people, specifically moms with children. Kindermusik gives these wives an outlet and an opportunity to become part of a great community.”

— Arta

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This is BY FAR the best program that I know of that helps your child grow in every aspect of life. I plan to continue my son in this program as long as possible and would never trade the wonderful time we have together at Kindermusik for anything else.

— Aishu

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Military Families and their Soldiers endure a tremendous amount of hardships during long deployments. Families must sacrifice their personal comfort and adjust to a new routine during a Soldier’s absence, which often times is a difficult adjustment. Although deployments can be hard and stressful to overcome for adults, it is much more difficult and complex for children and youth.

There are multiple benefits available to families of deployed soldiers, including financial support for activities in the SKIES program like Kindermusik!   The following benefits are given to families, as long as children are registered with CYS (Child and Youth Services).

  • FREE child care during Mandatory Deployment Meetings
  • FREE child care for FRG Meetings, not to exceed 2 hours (deployed units only)
  • 16 FREE child care hours per month per child (30 days before to 90 days after return)
  • $2.00 Hourly Care rate beyond FREE child care Hours
  • 20% Reduction in fees for Full/Part Day Care (30 days before to 90 days after return)*
  • Up to $300 in SKIES Classes per child during deployment
  • Up to $100 in Team or Individual Sports per child during deployment

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