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I know that the science behind Kindermusik and the expertise that Ms. Danielle has about music and child growth and development truly created a one-of-a-kind learning experience for my son and me. To this day, I still tell people that if they had to choose one activity that would have a lasting impact, they should choose Kindermusik with Ms. Danielle. There will never be a regret. -Alisha Bidetti

Ms. Danielle is so kind. Her love for children and music shows in every class. If our daughter was having a bad day she always had a way to turn her frown upside down. Thank you for loving her and teaching her all about loving music. – Karen Griffin

Kindermusik with Ms. Danielle is fantastic! She is a great teacher and both my kids adore her. Always look forward to class every week! Thank you for giving us a great opportunity to teach our children about music!! -Liz Wait

We love Kindermusik with Danielle, I only wish we had started sooner. Miss V has the most fun and learns so much from the classes. She recently mastered her colors! -Nicole Halladay

I love the fact that we can share parenting moments and advice with one another. From coupons, to good books---Danielle Smith has created an environment and community of sharing. I really appreciate that. -Vicky Morris

We're always having so much fun that we signed up for the unlimited classes. Ms Danielle loves my children as they are, if they're moody or difficult she is able to redirect them with so much love and patience! It's more than "just" a music class, they learn how to interact with other children and many other hidden skills. We love Kindermusik with Danielle!!! -Eliane Culbertson

I love the opportunities that Danielle Smith provides to students. She welcomes feedback and truly listens to parental concerns and/or feedback. The other parents are great! And it's not just an activity for moms. Dads come to it too. Danielle is awesome, the classes are awesome, and Jameson loves her. I've met so many people through kindermusik.  Danielle is well read and up to date about child development. Going to her class makes me a better parent. It's through her that I learned about positive parenting. -Vicky Morris

In our Kindermusik class, the kids get to be kids and the moms get to be moms. -Natalie Hayek 
We want to thank YOU for giving our babies the opportunity to grow and learn with you! You are make such an impact on their life!  We look forward to class each week! -Cali

 I wanted to tell you that I STRONGLY believe that KM and all the years we did it with you have given not just Maddy but both our girls the love and connections with music! Maddy has music in her body, in her soul. She puts a beat to every-single-thing!! And I love it:)

I know I told you before that you gave us life and something to do during Marks loooooong deployment when Maddy was a tiny baby. So again thank you for that and for being a blessing of fun music to us, our whole family! -Mia Martinez

I can't say enough about the positive impact Kindermusik has had on my son's overall development! He has not only gained a love for music and movement but also benefited from interacting with other kids who are in the same age group. Ms. Danielle is a wonderful teacher and puts a lot of effort in planning and teaching every class. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in your program and can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put in to make it such a fun, stimulating, and engaging activity for us to look forward to each week! -Courtney Kirk

The class has been great for Language Development, coordination, following directions and fun interacting with other little kids. At home we also take advantage of the live streaming songs from class for more music fun. -Amber Buntin

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This is BY FAR the best program that I know of that helps your child grow in every aspect of life. I plan to continue my son in this program as long as possible and would never trade the wonderful time we have together at Kindermusik for anything else.

— Aishu

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